Translation: The act of rendering written text from one language into another.
Revising: Reading a text to identify errors, inconsistencies, incorrect grammar and punctuation, poor or inappropriate style, and, in the case of a translation, conformance with the source text, and making appropriate changes and corrections to the text.
Proofreading: Strictly, checking a proof before printing to ensure that no mistakes have been made in typesetting.
Editing: Synonym of revising.
Interpreting: The act of rendering spoken words from one language into another.
Computer-aided translation: Translation with the aid of computer programs, such as translation memory, terminology management and localization tools, designed to reduce the translator’s workload and increase consistency of style and terminology.
Machine translation: Translation produced by a computer program.
Terminology: Corpus of monolingual or multilingual subject-specific or business-specific individual terms and phrases.